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Welcome to Cryptocoin Corner!

Enjoy the world of cryptocurrencies, where you'll find privacy and freedom from government control of money. These digital assets are rather new, but do have a track record of several years contributing to their popularity and stability. The most well known, and with by far the largest market capitalization, is Bitcoin. There are, however, many other coins now competing with Bitcoin and attempting to capitalize on any of its shortcomings.

This site provides a beginner's overview, with suggested readings for more in-depth information. We also provide features to assist in accumulating your first cryptocoins. Some of the Cryptocoin Corner highlights:

- You can browse our catalog of over one hundred and fifty websites that offer free coins (see links in right panel, organized by coin type)
- We explain how to use a microwallet (such as our top recommended site FaucetHub) to manage your free coins
- You can create: your own customizable list of sites offering free coins, personalized rotator lists, and a multi-page launcher
- You can even configure which coins are shown in the cryptocurrency price display panel on the left

Faucet Links
Bitcoin (BTC)ListRotator
Litecoin (LTC)ListRotator
Dash (DASH)ListRotator
Dogecoin (DOGE)ListRotator
Ethereum (ETH)ListRotator
Peercoin (PPC)ListRotator
Primecoin (XPM)ListRotator
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