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ePay's Ethereum Disingenuity

Mar 8, 2017

We noticed recently that ePay was recording Ethereum payouts an order of magnitude smaller than the claimed claim (one tenth the value). For example, if you claimed 0.00004321 (or often shown as 4321 satoshis on some sites) ePay would credit your account with 0.000004321 (or, effectively, 432.1 satoshis). Notice the shift right of one digit; we'll call the original claim value eight digits and the ePay used value nine digits in this article. The "Latest Faucets payout history" showed exactly what the site paid (in this example we are using, it would have shown 0.00004321). We contacted ePay and at first received a pedantic response, indicating that Ethereum is recorded in gwei (1x10-9) and everything is correct. After responding multiple times that the faucet indicated otherwise, and their own payout history also indicated otherwise, we received a message back saying there was a problem and they were fixing it.

We did not receive an update from them, but noticed that their faucet payout history was changed to display Ethereum in gwei now. Some fix! So faucet sites still indicate a payout in 8 digits, and it is added to your account as 9 digits. We gave up waiting for an update, sent another message, and was curtly told our balance is correct. Left unanswered is our question asking if faucets are paying ePay in 8 digits, or 9. We have been unable to contact an Ethereum faucet owner to see how they are being debited.

If the 8 digit Ethereum payout value is compared to the equivalent payout value of other coin types (like Dash), they compare well. The 9 digit Ethereum payout value does not match comparatively, and we continue to believe this is an error. ePay has refused (at this point in time) to respond back. We talked to two other Ethereum / ePay users, and neither were aware of the problem (it is subtle), and agreed that ePay is in error, one indicating this explains why Ethereum seems to be accumulating much slower than the other coins. This is a good reason to avoid ePay, unless you want to acquire coin types that they support but FaucetHub does not.

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