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Bitcoin Faucets

The Bitcoin faucets listed below are categorized by payment method, either to a microwallet or direct to your Bitcoin wallet.  Faucets come and go, and their ability to pay varies also; we will attempt to keep this list accurate.

The color of the first column indicates the last known status of the site as follows: Green: Site available and funded; Yellow: Site available, but no funds or some technical problem present; Red: Site is not reachable (will likely be removed from list soon). The bracketed number at the end of comments is the number of visits the site has received.

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Payments to FaucetHub microwallet
Faucet (click to visit)Comments
25 every 25 minutes. No popups or window launches. Well known owner. [85]
25 every 30 minutes. Popup window, page redirect (which kills current window). Sloppy. [39]
25 every 30 minutes. This is a dice game, where you can increase your earnings... or lose them. No popups. [29]
20 to unknown every 5 minutes. There is a login step (no registration), then two part captcha. Has jackpot. Manual withdraw. By HotCoins. [70]
20 to 30 every 5 minutes. Popups. Multiple pages. Enter "FaucetKans" as Name (Nombre). Default language is Spanish, but can be selected. [84]
20 to 5000 every 5 minutes. Maximum of 120 claims per day. Pays out once a week if balance is at least 20,000. [21]
Up to 30 every 5 minutes. Popups, multi level anti-bot with timer. [30]
20 to 100 every 30 minutes. [37]
20 every 60 minutes. Page redirect at start. [35]
Up to 50 every 60 minutes. Multi stage captcha, with ad redirect at end which must be followed. [44]
15 every 5 minutes. Multiple popups, extra link with timer. Multiple clicks on Get Link with popups. [31]
15 to 30 every 7 minutes. Three levels of anti-bot, two timers, a page redirect, and popups. [104]
Up to 16 every 15 minutes. Single anti-bot. Registration required, one login for all coins supported. Manual withdraw, no minimum. [16]
11 - 50 every 5 minutes. Original Fautsy site; no popups or window launches. [99]
Up to 25 every 5 minutes. Two stage anti-bot with timer, no recaptcha. [12]
10 every 5 minutes. No popups. [33]
10 to 50 every 5 minutes. Many popups and page redirects. [56]
10 to 40 every 5 minutes. Popup at start. Has a login process at start. Claims accumulate on site, manual withdraw with no minimum. [28]
10 to 40 every 5 minutes. There is a login step (no registration) and one or two popups. Manual withdraw. [26]
10 to 30 every 10 minutes. Manual withdraw. [47]
10 every 10 minutes. Page redirect. [45]
10 to 100 every 10 minutes. Send limit error is occasionally displayed. [19]
20 every 1 minute. Has the page redirection, which complains if adblock is on for whatever site popped up. Multi layer anti-bots with timers. Page redirects and popups. [93]
10+ every 60 minutes. [31]
9 to 20 every 15 minutes. Claim amount varies based on currency price. Solve Media anti-bot. Need to create account, manual withdraw with no minimum. Nice site, highly recommended. [14]
8 every 15 minutes. No popups. [49]
5 to 25 every 5 minutes. A number of clicks to complete, and address is not saved. Otherwise clean with an occasional window launch. Manual withdraw, minimum is 100 satoshi. [33]
1 to 5 continuously. You need to register with this site. A claim takes around 10 or 12 seconds to complete, thus around 12 to 15 per minute of constant claiming. It might be better to use a variety of sites with larger claims but longer time intervals. 25,000 to withdraw to FaucetHub. [27]
200 - 500 (average of 206) every 60 minutes. Quite a few popups, and an attempt to download a file. [45]
100 to 1000 (average of 117) every hour. No popups noted, yet. [102]
60 every 30 minutes. Must register with site. There are page redirects and launches; plus a 5 second ad timer... click the yellow button at the end. Manual withdraw. [43]
80 to 150 (average of 81) every hour. Nice site; one window relaunch on first click. [57]
80 every 70 minutes. Redirects to MellowAds and requires two passes through that, along with a page redirect. Good payout, but a lot of work. [30]
75 every 60 minutes. Has added nasty popup at start, multiple page redirects. Not usable in our opinion. [101]
35 to 1555 (average of 68) every 15 minutes. No popups; clean site. [82]
60 to 120 every 10 minutes. Page redirect at start, and again during withdraw. Manual withdraw. [24]
60 every 30 minutes. Clean site, by HotCoins. [35]
50 or 150 (average 51) every 45 minutes. Owned by jamesbond. [46]
50 to 5000 every 5 minutes. [56]
20 to 50 every 1 minute. Lots of popups, popunders, window launches; kind of a mess. [61]
30 to 5,000 every 40 minutes. Includes a lottery system. Manual withdraw. [22]
40 - 60 every 8 minutes. Page redirect at start, no other popups noted. Manual withdraw. Address not saved. [38]
25 to 100 (average of 32) every 15 minutes. Clean site, one popup at start. Fifteen second claim timer. [44]
25 - 200 every 6 minutes. Clean site, no popups. Owned by Fautsy. [78]
21 every 8 minutes. [65]
20 every 5 minutes. Includes dice game where you can increase your claim, or lose it. Captcha to start and another to withdraw. Attempts to launch mining process. [403]
20 every 10 minutes. If you get a popup during claim process, stop and reload because your address will be cleared. [37]
20 to 500 every 10 minutes. [33]
20 to 40 every 15 minutes. Ad popup at start. May take two tries to work. [43]
20+ every 20 minutes. Pop under and window launch. Bonus on every 20th claim. Manual withdraw. [40]
19+ every 90 minutes. One pop under at start, a couple of pop-unders during claim process. [42]
10 to 100 (average of 14.9) every 2 minutes. Run by ashikyeamin. Clean site. [50]
15 to 150 every 5 minutes. Typical Fautsy site with no popups or window launches. [41]
10 to 46 every 5 minutes. Three stage claim process, a login then two anti-bots. [47]
10 to 15 every 30 minutes. No popups noted. [20]
Every 5 minutes, but very low rewards (5 - 15). Only one popup. Well known site owner. [43]
1 continuously; but in our test accumulation didn't always work. Minimum withdraw to FaucetHub is 5. A lot of clicks and time for 1 sat per cycle. [119]
Not sure if this site is working... currently appears to be a disaster. Owned by Avalon. [35]
50 every 30 minutes. Manual withdraw, minimum is 500. No popups noted yet. [45]

Payments to FaucetSystem microwallet
Faucet (click to visit)Comments
70 to 10K once per day. [34]
50 to 1000 every 15 minutes [30]
50 to 1000 every 12 hours. [24]
40 to 935 every 30 minutes. [18]
40 to 250 every 2 hours. [16]
10 every 10 minutes. Popup at start. [69]

Payments Directly to Your Wallet
Faucet (click to visit)Comments
Around 25 to 30 every 5 minutes, 120 claims per day. Weekly payout if minimum of 13K balance is met. Manual threshold can be configured, and we recommend doing so. 13K is too small of a transfer for your wallet. An occasional popup when clicking claim window. [53]
Varies based on price of Bitcoin. Each hour roll for claim, very small chance for some very large claims. Rewards accumulate on site, direct pay to your wallet. Transaction fee deducted. [20]
Continuous running, rate decreases as time goes by. Solve captcha to reset timer; rate starts dropping at 5 minutes but more dramatically by 15 minutes. Once per week payment to your wallet if minimum balance is met. [47]
20 to 1000 every 20 minutes. Registration with email address required. Manual withdraw once 10K is achieved, although we recommend 50K or higher since this is direct to your wallet (bonuses paid on higher withdraw amounts). [26]

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