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Bitcoin (BTC)5284.25 (USD)-0.99%
Litecoin (LTC)75.91 (USD)-6.76%
Dogecoin (DOGE)0.0027531 (USD)-4.2%
Ethereum (ETH)168.77 (USD)-2.83%
Dash (DASH)121.15 (USD)-1.64%
Monero (XMR)67.65 (USD)-2.11%
Updated 21 Apr 2019 14:25:01 UTC

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Dash Faucets

The Dash faucets listed below are categorized by payment method, either to a microwallet or direct to your Dash wallet.  Faucets come and go, and their ability to pay varies also; we will attempt to keep this list accurate.

The color of the first column indicates the last known status of the site as follows: Green: Site available and funded; Yellow: Site available, but no funds or some technical problem present; Red: Site is not reachable (will likely be removed from list soon). The bracketed number at the end of comments is the number of visits the site has received.

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Payments to FaucetHub microwallet
Faucet (click to visit)Comments
Up to 400 every 5 minutes. Two stage anti-bot with timer, no recaptcha. [19]
300 to 800 every 10 minutes. [46]
300+ every 60 minutes. One page redirect at start. [86]
225 every 5 minutes. [41]
200 - 400 every 60 minutes. A few pages to navigate [77]
150 every 0 minutes. Multiple popups, extra link with timer. Multiple clicks on Get Link with popups. [23]
115 to 225 every 7 minutes. Three levels of anti-bot, two timers, a page redirect, and popups. [14]
100 every 5 minutes. One popup/page redirection. [16]
0 every 10 minutes. Claim amount varies based on currency price. Solve Media anti-bot. Need to create account, manual withdraw with no minimum. Nice site, highly recommended. [14]

Payments Directly to Your Wallet
Faucet (click to visit)Comments
150 to 500K every 60 minutes. 100,000 dashtoshi minimum for withdrawal. Small payouts of typically 300 or less per hour. [111]
Continuous running, rate decreases as time goes by. Solve captcha to reset timer; rate starts dropping at 5 minutes but more dramatically by 15 minutes. Once per week payment to your wallet if minimum balance is met. [21]

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