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Dogecoin (DOGE)0.0021672 (USD)-1.39%
Ethereum (ETH)143.30 (USD)-1.09%
Dash (DASH)50.18 (USD)-0.48%
Monero (XMR)52.20 (USD)-1.7%
Updated 14 Dec 2019 13:05:02 UTC

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Dogecoin Faucets

The Dogecoin faucets listed below are categorized by payment method, either to a microwallet or direct to your Dogecoin wallet.  There are not nearly as many Dogecoin faucets as there are for Bitcoin, but more than there are for Litecoin.  Faucets come and go, and their ability to pay varies also; we will attempt to keep this list accurate.

The color of the first column indicates the last known status of the site as follows: Green: Site available and funded; Yellow: Site available, but no funds or some technical problem present; Red: Site is not reachable (will likely be removed from list soon). The bracketed number at the end of comments is the number of visits the site has received.

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Payments to FaucetHub microwallet
Faucet (click to visit)Comments
0.8 every 0 minutes. Three level anti-bot. Popups. [162]
0.45 to 0.9 every 7 minutes. Three levels of anti-bot, two timers, a page redirect, and popups. [28]
0.3 DOGE per 10 minutes. Some pop ups, anti-virus caught web kit exploits. [55]
0.2 to 3 every 0 minutes. [35]
0.2+ every 60 minutes. Usually a popup at start, otherwise clean. [139]
0.1 every one minute. Also 30 second timer. Clean site, but an occasional popup which clears address. [67]
0.0375 to 0.195 every 5 minutes. A number of clicks to complete, and address is not saved. Otherwise clean with an occasional window launch. Manual withdraw, minimum 1 DOGE. [43]
0.1 to 0.2 every 60 minutes. Several pages to navigate, one pop under at start. [35]
0.8 every 0 minutes. 1000 every 0 minutes. Two level anti-bot with many popups and false buttons to click. And a timer. [41]
0.55 to 100 per 30 minutes. Window relaunch at start. [49]
1 to 5 (average of 1.85) every 30 minutes. Pop-under at start. [44]

Payments Directly to Your Wallet
Faucet (click to visit)Comments
Reward varies based on DOGE price, claim once per hour. Manual withdraw at 600 DOGE. [51]
Continuous running, rate decreases as time goes by. Solve captcha to reset timer; rate starts dropping at 5 minutes but more dramatically by 15 minutes. Once per week payment to your wallet if minimum balance is met. [105]

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