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Bitcoin (BTC)7448.45 (USD)1.62%
Litecoin (LTC)83.90 (USD)1.52%
Dogecoin (DOGE)0.0034752 (USD)2.48%
Ethereum (ETH)465.41 (USD)1.68%
Dash (DASH)253.36 (USD)4.15%
Monero (XMR)131.19 (USD)1.54%
Updated 22 Jul 2018 12:05:02 UTC

Cryptocoin Currency Indicies


The Pickwick Select Cryptocoin Index (PSCI)

Value 1 Hour +/-24 Hour +/-
Pickwick Select Cryptocoin Index4,380.95-0.13% +1.18%

The Pickwick Select Cryptocoin Index contains a small, select group of cryptocurrencies chosen by your humble editor of this site.  The currencies comprising the index are displayed at the bottom of this page. This index is price based with market capitalization weighting.


PSCI Components

Ticker Currency Price - US$24 Hour +/-Market Cap - US$
BTCBitcoin7,448.45 1.62%127,842,402,631
BCHBitcoin Cash794.86 2.96%13,712,030,503
ADACardano0.170906 5.33%4,431,091,917
DASHDash253.363 4.15%2,079,747,952
DOGEDogecoin0.00347524 2.48%400,967,185
ETHEthereum465.417 1.68%46,936,057,074
ETCEthereum Classic16.3997 0.91%1,692,675,093
LTCLitecoin83.9092 1.52%4,826,027,741
XMRMonero131.195 1.54%2,131,670,756
NEONEO34.2332 3.77%2,225,158,000
XRPRipple0.449844 -4.46%17,661,818,911
XVGVerge0.0232142 0.05%349,473,892
ZECZcash200.564 9.62%884,152,549

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