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Buy and Sell Cryptocoins

Once you've decided to acquire some cryptocurrency, either for investment or to make purchases, your first step is to choose an exchange to use. Things to consider include which coins you would like to purchase, your preference on how to transfer your local currency to the exchange, and how the functionality of the exchange website suits you. This article concerns buying and selling with fiat money; many exchanges deal with only cryptocurrencies, here we discuss obtaining some crypto to start with.

One of the largest and most popular exchanges is Coinbase. They support bank transfer, credit cards, and bank wire for depositing funds. Our favorite is Gemini, which supports bank and wire transfer. It also lets you set limit orders (specific prices to buy or sell) on your trades. Both of these exchanges support only Bitcoin and Ethereum. To purchase your coins, transfer money into your account and execute a trade. Both sites have simple and easy to navigate user interfaces. These exchanges offer one or more options for transferring fiat into their system such as wire transfer, ACH transfer, and credit card. Be sure to check fees for the different transfer choices.

Other popular sites include Bitfinex, BTCC, Bitstamp, and GDAX. Choosing an exchange to use is a personal decision, and some time should be put into it. CoinMarketCap shows the largest exchanges, which currencies they trade, and provides links.

If you decide to use a site like Gemini that does not support a coin you are interested in, it is very easy to trade one coin for another. Our section on trading coins explains how to do this.

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